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Farm to Table

By 2016 we began to discuss how amazing it would be to take the next step and own a farm that raised livestock for the restaurant.  Cassie, growing up on a hobby farm in Nova Scotia had the fundamental knowledge to give us the confidence we needed to not only run it, but guarantee that the animals would have the best lives possible.

One night while lurking on Zillow, we came across a small farm; we knew we found our dream. Coincidently, the next day a customer & friend came in who is a realtor, we told him about the farm we found on the ‘innerwebs’ & joked about how amazing it would be to own it. 

His response was “let’s make it happen”. 

Sure enough we looked at it the next day and a few months later after we made it happen, 

“A real dream come true”

Soooooo we bought a farm...

We are now raising and breeding Berkshire Hogs, Dorper Sheep while maintaining the possibility of adding different breeds and animals to the mix; including our two crazy mini goats that provide hours of amusement. The animals are pasture raised and fed quality alfalfa, hay, and if need be organic and gmo free grain. The pigs also get sustenance from surplus food produced by the grill. Additional leftovers are utilized as compost. As a result, we have exponentially cut down on the waste associated with operating a restaurant.

Farming has been a very rewarding endeavor, it has also given us a new appreciation and respect for the food that we serve.  We make sure that nothing goes to waste by using every cut and finding creative ways to utilize parts of the animals that are not commonly used in this area.  

By working with farmers in the area, we have been able to provide a genuine farm to table experience while continuously strengthening our own understanding of the field. This knowledge enables us to optimize the quality of our meat in addition to the lives our animals.  

On that note we would also like to give a huge thank you to Q farm – JD farm, Rolling Stone Sheep Farm, and Dr. Dauten of Tri-State Vet Services (our amazing farm vet) for always being there for us and our livestock to answer our crazy questions at any hour of the day.